October 1, 2009

In desperate need of sleep

Throughout the 5 years I have had Crohn's disease, the most important thing I have learned is that I require so much sleep, and R&R time.

My daughter has been sick off and on for the past month and a half, to make a long story short, my health has suffered immensely.

With only a few hours of sleep most nights my body is screaming at me to snap out of it and start taking good care of it again. How do you decide that it is time to put your health first instead of your childs? For me, I chose my child. I believe this is how most mothers would feel.

September 24, 2009

Can Young Children have Crohn's Disease?

Crohn’s disease is usually diagnosed in young adults, and into older ages. What is Not mentioned in barely any articles is that most Doctors often don’t diagnose Young children with Crohn’s Disease, only because they do not know enough information themselves to make a diagnosis-why is this? Why is it that there are short little blurbs in their medical text books about Crohn’s Disease, but have hundreds of pages about Colon Cancer-Crohn’s Disease, often times can turn into Colon Cancer if not treated soon enough, or properly.

It is hard enough on a grown adult to have to deal with the chaos Crohn’s Disease brings to their lives. The kinds of obstacles that make the already hard job of simply growing up for kids, is made that much harder having to deal with a life of pain.

September 22, 2009

Surrendering to Pain

Writing about my journey with Crohn’s Disease may seem more like a rant with plenty of complaints, rude remarks, and maybe a little bit of humor in the mix of it all.
I know that I am able to speak for many others out there when I say they use humor to joke about the serious things in life. That would be me. I often find myself making jokes about myself, laughing it off, and when being teased about having Crohn’s Disease I just giggle away as if it is not cutting me deep and affecting me.

About a year ago I thought to myself, and expressed to my family and friends that I was really in acceptance with my disease, and was not going to let Crohn’s rule my life.

September 20, 2009

A Gross Truth......Crohn's Disease

When people think of Crohn's disease, they often think it is just too do with taking a crap, blah blah blah!

Nope, no it is not just about having issues with your Ass, and taking shits all day. Here is a little update for the people too lazy to research the disease and not be so naive about it. 
Crohn's disease is a Gastrointestinal disease that does mostly affect the bowels, As well as, and often even more in my case, affects my eating, my stomach, my energy, my absorption of nutrients, my mood, my ability to tolerate alcohol, food, and learning to live with pain, everyday, and all day.

September 19, 2009

A rude introduction to real life

What is the reason behind creating this blog "Head above water...for now"? I honestly can't nail that answer down to one explanation.

I have plenty of hope to inspire, and make people laugh with this blog. I plan to write about, and post plenty of truthful, and informative information about the challenges in my day to day life, and hope to let the people out there that feel like they are the only ones just barely keeping their head above water to know, there are plenty of people in the same shitty life situations, and have plenty of joy on the sidelines of the pile of crap that they call life!

The contents of most of my blogs will contain drama such as; dealing with a chronic disease everyday, all day (Crohn's disease), how it affects my life being a mother, being social, and how I have to now eat boring plain food, that I have to reinvent so I don't cheat, and end up making myself sicker.

How to keep this blog interesting is something that has been buzzing about my exhausted mama brain. This is my attempt, follow it if you wish to read about the chaotic, stressful, real stories of me, "A mom in the open, an exhausted sick pill popping, and somewhat bitchy/exhausted woman behind closed doors"!