September 19, 2009

A rude introduction to real life

What is the reason behind creating this blog "Head above water...for now"? I honestly can't nail that answer down to one explanation.

I have plenty of hope to inspire, and make people laugh with this blog. I plan to write about, and post plenty of truthful, and informative information about the challenges in my day to day life, and hope to let the people out there that feel like they are the only ones just barely keeping their head above water to know, there are plenty of people in the same shitty life situations, and have plenty of joy on the sidelines of the pile of crap that they call life!

The contents of most of my blogs will contain drama such as; dealing with a chronic disease everyday, all day (Crohn's disease), how it affects my life being a mother, being social, and how I have to now eat boring plain food, that I have to reinvent so I don't cheat, and end up making myself sicker.

How to keep this blog interesting is something that has been buzzing about my exhausted mama brain. This is my attempt, follow it if you wish to read about the chaotic, stressful, real stories of me, "A mom in the open, an exhausted sick pill popping, and somewhat bitchy/exhausted woman behind closed doors"!


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  2. Brooke Martel9/24/09, 2:21 PM

    hey Hill, just started reading your blogs, they are great! You're definitly a natural writer... and it's definitly a good thing that you are writing about this, I think its a really good way for people to become more aware, and of course to help others who have it as well!.. You're one strong lady, keep it up!
    P.S... for ideas, I'm interested in what your diet is!?